August 11th – "Next to Normal" Q&A – Come Join the Discussion

August 11th – "Next to Normal" Q&A – Come Join the Discussion

As a psychiatric information consultant specialist, I had the good fortune to engage the actors and director of the Tony Award winning play “Next to Normal” at the Roslyn Heights Creative Arts Playhouse both prior to and following a rehearsal of the first act (of which I rave about in last week’s blog, “Next to Normal” – Go See this Play).  I was again privileged to attend the opening night performance on July 20th.

“Next to Normal” is a rich, complex, multi-layered portrayal of a family in crisis from both normal developmental transitions and unexpected cluster stress.

If you would like to learn more about how the actors prepared for their roles, please attend the Q&A session being held on Saturday, August 11th after the 8pm show.  I will be on the panel along with Andrew Calderaro of Courage Long Island, and the cast, crew and directors of the production. We will be discussing the actors’ creative process, bipolar disorder specifically and mood disorders in general, the family life cycle and career, and how an individual struggling with family and emotional distress can best get the help they need. I continue to urge all of you living “the full catastrophe of life” to see this play.

For more information please see the program cover and event flyer reproduced below.

The Roslyn Heights Creative Arts Playhouse is holding a Q&A after the 8pm performance of "Next to Normal" on August 11.  Dr. Ronald B Cohen will be on the panel.


The Roslyn Heights Creative Arts Playhouse is holding a Q&A after the 8pm performance of "Next to Normal" on August 11.  Dr. Ronald B Cohen will be on the panel.


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  1. Ronald B Cohen, MD on August 12, 2012 at 11:30 pm said:

    Kudos to all! Last night was an amazingly intense and nuanced performance of the complexity of family life. I believe we owe a sincere and genuine debt of gratitude to Tanya, Mark, Alyson, Jeremy, Andrew, Ezra, Diane, Dom, the rest of the musicians, yourself, the videographer, the interns and anyone else I forgot. I, and I believe much of the audience, was deeply touched and moved. All of you went above and beyond in your embrace of Courage Long Island and its mission. It was a true honor and privilege to be a part of this endeavor. If we can give forward to Creative Arts Playhouse’s future undertakings in whatever way possible, please ask. Kudos to all for a night that changed my life.

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