On Becoming a Couple – Marriage Preparation & Enrichment Comments From Social Media

Ronald B. Cohen, MD of Family Focused Solutions (familyfocusedsolutions.com) discusses the arduous task of keeping a marriage healthy, happy and intact for the long haul and how systemics family therapy can help.

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Great summary and perspective. It is so amazingly refreshing to hear a systemically oriented Psychiatrist who really gets it. I so wish you were closer so I could refer my clients to you!

Katherine Allen, LMFT


I agree, you don’t try marriage…marriage tries you. We have had our heads filled with “romance” at the cost of understanding what it takes to be in and build a successful relationship. I’m not sure if what has developed is an entitled sense of marriage or a narcissistic sense of marriage or both?! Marriage might be the toughest thing I have ever done but I can assure you that if you work on it, it also has the best dividends. This of course is said considering people who are not afflicted with some which might make it impossible or nearly impossible to be a partner. Thanks Dr. Cohen for your blog. As therapists working with couples we must be able to teach and model that the work it takes to build an effective and enduring relationship is an adventure and not a burden or a sentence.

Mark Laing


@Ron…excellent article and making it (marriage prep) real for working towards a real marriage is key.

Chris Trailer


I like the approach that marriage requires intentional work to be successful. A successful marriage is not simply the result of “love” or being with your “soul mate.

Sarah Ramer


Excellent advice, Ronald.

Mark B. Baer


I really liked this, especially the “ongoing willingness to address concerns”. Long-term relationships take life-long work to keep health and happy. Blessings

Christine DeLaMotte

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