The Practice Is the Performance

The Practice Is the Performance

Walking the Talk

“This work is a truly personal one;
we only know the whole truth of ourselves.”
— Rabbi Marcelo Bronstein

Murray Bowen began his essay, Theory in the Practice of Psychotherapy, with ”there are striking discrepancies between theory and practice in psychotherapy,” which begs the question, what exactly is the practice of Bowen Family Systems Theory “Coaching”?

If we define “practice” in the sense of doing something regularly and consistently, as action rather than thought or ideas; not as a rehearsal, not as a means of perfecting and getting somewhere, but as a commitment to a new way of being with others, then how do we best develop a practice based on Bowen’s theory?

Sometimes I think about the analogy between basic/pure science/mathematics and applied science/applied mathematics/engineering. Other times I think that the operationalization of theory in clinical practice is just that.

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Bowen Family Systems Coaching

Bowen Family Systems Coaching with Ronald B Cohen, MD is the treatment of choice for complicated relationship problems and intergenerational conflicts. Include the whole family in resolving and improving what is going on right NOW! When the entire family works to make the difficult journey together, the results are almost magical.
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Why Ronald B Cohen, MD?

If you are experiencing family relationship problems and distress, don’t treat all therapists alike. Look for a Family Therapist who has had specific training, is comfortable with emotional intensity and will offer clear direction to help resolve identified problems. Ronald B. Cohen, MD works with the whole family in a manner that can save you time and be more cost effective than equal doses of individual therapy.
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For Mental Health Professionals

I offer both individual coaching and a consultation group to help facilitate the acquisition and further development of knowledge and expertise in Bowen Family Systems Theory and Coaching for the enhancement of clinical efficacy, productivity and satisfaction. If this is something you want to do professionally, and especially if you have not had significant training and experience in working with family dynamics and relationships, then experiential learning by doing is the best way to go.
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