The Practice of Psychiatric Family Therapy Comments From Social Media

Dr. Ronald B Cohen of discusses the importance of family-based therapy combined with psychophramacology when dealing with indivudals with several and persistent mental illness.

Read the article here The Practice of Psychiatric Family Therapy


Thanks for posting this Ron. I worked @ Eastern Pa. Psychiatric Institute in the 80’s where Fallon did massive research on just this topic. He worked in a psychoeducational model with the families of people with a diagnosis of a chronic mental illness. The results were astounding. There was an unbelievable reduction of rehospitalization. They question becomes “why are we not using this”? Unfortunately, I am afraid the answer is $. I applaud you Ron for taking a position opposite of the drug companies. I wish your practice were near mine, I would love to refer Patients to you. The other problem here is the “distasteful” amount of time and effort it takes to work on one’s own recovery. The concept of “recovering” vs. “recovered” continues to confuse many outside of a 12-step program. I hear a lot of ” I pay you, fix my relative and don’t ask me any questions about myself”. I am grateful to have this format as a way of connecting to other professions who view this with similarity. Thanks



Good issue to be discussed here. It is not about to blame relatives for the mental illness that one or more family members can have. It is an attempt to get a new paradigm for the family to organize itself and function with less prejudice, or guilty, dealing with the disorder as an illness liable to have its symptoms treated. Understanding the disease and demystifying it. Just to say a little of what we can work in family therapy, in systemic or interpersonal therapy. Surely there is more to be discussed about other important aspects of this holistic way to view treatment in Psychiatry. Thanks for bringing out the subject to discussion.

Marisa Soares


Please consider moving your practice to Orange County, CA, Dr. Cohen! We need you!

Laura Pratto


Excellent information Ronald! Thank you for your clear description of your view of Family Therapy and psychotherapy. 

Doug Jones


Interesting article. I have worked with a psychiatrist who told me that he made more money doing psyco tropic drugs for clients than for doing psychotherapy.

Paul Feiger, MS

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