What are the “Amazonian Forests of Family Connections”?

What are the “Amazonian Forests of Family Connections”?

“spooky action at a distance”

The cloud model of the electron represents a sort of history of
where the electron has probably been
and where it is likely to be going.

Reporting on A. J. Jacobs’ plans for the world’s largest family reunion, Gabe Friedman wrote, “I am his first cousin twice removed’s wife’s nephew’s wife’s first cousin’s wife’s brother’s wife’s second cousin’s wife’s uncle’s wife’s second great nephew.”

Now I pride myself on being able to draw large multigenerational extended family diagrams but this Family Forest has even me looking for help and direction. Mr. Jacobs notes that these connections are “… not even family trees. They’re Amazonian forests of family connections.”

According to quantum mechanics, two or more particles can become “entangled” so that even after they are separated in space, when an action is performed on one particle, the other particle responds immediately. Entanglement is one of the weirdest features of quantum physics. It refers to a situation in which two “particles” (a term that must be construed loosely in the quantum world) share a common history that makes their futures intertwined.

Suffice it to say that given enough time and couplings, the quantum physics idea of “spooky action at a distance” may just involve us all.

According to Bowen Family Systems Theory (BFST), a change in any one family member’s behavior creates change in the entire family’s relationships. Family of origin relationship patterns influence and govern the individual. Reciprocally, the symptoms of any particular family member are seen as reflective of the dysregulation of the overall family.

Ronald B. Cohen MD of Family Focused Solutions LLC discusses large and complicated entangling family issues and how they affect the individual.A Family Forest exists within an historical context, a past, present and future. Its members expand out in time and space, across miles and generations. The interactive nature and interdependence of the members of the Family Forest means one’s behavior both affects and effects them all.

So which is weirder, quantum connections or extended family influences?

Heisenberg summarized his uncertainty principle as, “The more precisely the position is determined, the less precisely the momentum is known in this instant, and vice versa.” So if you know where you are (and how many of us truly do), you don’t know where you’re going, and if you know where you’re going, you may not be aware of where you are.

Therapeutically, change in one part of the family will be reflected by compensatory changes in other parts of the system. A change in the relationship system between important members of the family on one level will result in changes in the interrelationships between all of the members of the family system in a multigenerational manner.

To paraphrase Margaret Mead, it takes only one thoughtful, committed, family member to change the structure and function of family relationships. Indeed it is the only thing that ever can.

If all of this is way too confusing, consultation with a well-trained BFST coach will help you challenge the notion of simple causality.

Best of luck on your unfolding journey of a lifetime.

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